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The better way to read and understand smart contracts is a beautiful, intituive way to read smart contracts. With syntax highlighting, dark mode to save your eyes, larger files so you can read more, and mobile support, we help you step up your web3 game.

Right now we only support mainnet Ethereum contracts although testnets and other chains are on the way!

Tweet us at @BackseatsStudio and we’ll look into it for you!

We’re so glad you asked! Coming soon, we’ll be rolling out support for testnet contracts, smart contract annotation, a reputation system, contracts on other chains and more!

  • BackseatsFounder

    CryptoPunk 424

    Founder, engineer, NFT collector. Recent projects include, smart contracts for Metalink, Doodle Dogs, and Chains NFT, and is currently working on Noun Cats, a 10k profile picture collection.

  • Plaid ShamanUI/UX • Web Dev

    Coolman #8078

    Design and dev studio—based in Austin, TX—working with Web3 groups, startups, and agencies to produce creative digital experiences.

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